json formatter

Minimalist installable json formatter,editor and minifier designed to maximize productivity

/ About

The motivation behind the app

I created this app in order to have a quick way to format JSON without needing to open another tab, in either the browser nor the IDE. I think that PWA is a good fit for this, because a stand-alone desktop app is overkill for such an app, and a web app is not as easy to access, since you need an open browser first and it would add yet another tab.


  • Easy of use
  • Transparent (open analytics and code)
  • No intrusive ads or tracking
  • Decent looking design

Open source appreciation

/ Privacy

Collected data

No data is collected by the app itself.

Data collected by our web analytics app, plausible analytics, can be accesed here.

Data collected by our hosting provider, netlify, can be found here.

Sharing data with third parties

No information is shared with third parties.